The Federal Republic of Somalia

“We will make sure Mogadishu is a safe city,” Prime Minister declares

 MMogadishu, 13 October 2013

His Excellency Prime Minister of Somalia Abdi Farah Shirdon today pledged to do everything possible to make Mogadishu safe from terrorist attack, welcoming increasing cooperation between civilians and government security forces against Al Shabaab..

 “The Prime Minister’s comments followed a high-level meeting that he chaired last night, focusing on the security developments and improvements across Somalia and in the capital. The meeting was called to address terrorist activities by Al-Shabaab against innocent civilians in Mogadishu. The government has allocated an increased monthly budget to the security services in the capital. .

After the two-hour meeting with officials from his cabinet and members from security departments, the Prime Minister said:

“Mogadishu is a city of more than two million. It is a capital city that generates our government’s income, it is the seat of government and therefore we must make sure it is safe from terrorist attack. We must continue to defeat the enemy right across Somalia, as we are doing steadily with our partners. There are increasing signs of close cooperation between the government and civilians in eliminating Al-Shabaab. The public long ago turned away from them and Somali religious scholars have also declared a powerful fatwa against them which highlights the complete bankruptcy of their agenda.”

Last night’s meeting is part of a series of high-level meetings that have taken place in Mogadishu since the month of Ramadan. This gathering brings together the Prime Minister, selected ministers, the Mayor of Mogadishu, heads of the police and military, National Intelligence and Security Agency and other security experts.

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