Ministry Minister
Foreign Affairs Abshir cumar Huruuse
Interior, Federal Affairs and reconciliation  Axmed Macalim Fiqi
Finance Dr. Elmi Mohamoud Noor
Defense Abdulqaadir Mohamed Nuur  
Education Farah Sheikh Abdulqadir
Environment And Climate Change. Khadija Al-Makhzoumi,
Planning, investment  and Economic development  Mohamoud Abdirahman Beena Beene,
Ports and Marine Transport Jaamac Ilka Jiir,
Air Transport and Aviation Fardowsa Osman Dhore,
Posts and Telecommunications Jama Hassan Khalif,
Livestock Hassan Hussein Elaay
Commerce and Industry Jibril Abdirashid,
Public Works and Reconstruction Ismail Sheikh Bashir
Religious Affairs Mukhtar Robow Abu Mansoor
Women and Human Rights Khadija Mohamed Diriye,
Internal Security Mohamoud Doodishe
Agriculture And Irrigation Ahmed Madobe Nuunow
Health and Social Care Ali Haji Adan
Fisheries and Marine Resources Ahmed Hassan Adan,
Youth and Sports Mohamed Barre Mohamoud,
Information Daoud Aweys
Justice and Constitution Hassan Macallin
Labor and social affairs  Bihi Iman Cige.
Water and Energy Jama Takal,
Petroleum and mineral resources  Dr. Abdirizak Omar Mohamed,