The Government of the Prime Minister, H.E Hamse Abdi Barre, will prioritize implementing programs in conjunction with the Judiciary and Justice Institutions. The country’s independent judiciary and due processes are central to attaining justice.

The government will attach particular importance and support to fast-tracking the priorities of the Judicial Service Commission. The government’s vision towards this pillar is the creation of an independent judiciary that ensures judicial due process among the public, between the citizens and the government, and within the government institutions. Addressing injustice starts with the principle of practicing the rule of law, as laws of the land reign over the citizens and public institutions alike.

The overarching goal that the judiciary aspires is to restore the citizens’ confidence in the country’s justice system and allow them to live in peace and security, free from fear as guaranteed by the rule of law. To realize this goal, the government will provide enabling environment for a justice system that guarantees the rights of everyone regardless of their gender, social status, economic position, and anything that might discriminate against them. The Government will focus on the reform, capacity building, and provision of oversight to the country’s federal judicial institutions.

Similarly, the Government will ensure the enforcement and adherence to domestic and international laws and legal instruments while working on concluding the procedures for adopting the international conventions Somalia is the arty of.

Strategic Benchmarks:

  1. I am reviewing the legislations and policies instrumental in accessing credible and independent
  2. Finalization of the Politic settlement on the Judiciary System and Justice Institutions;
  3. Strengthening and the Provision of Oversight to the judiciary and the Justice
  4. Strengthening and Overhaul of the Correctional Corps and institutions
  5. Streamlining and Decentralizing Judicial Services and the promotion of the application of the Custody Code as the basis for alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.


Justice thrives within an enabling environment where public awareness of the rule of law and the primacy of public interest and the public good is elevated. The sluggish performance of government institutions is often occasioned by a lack of accountability within the government institutions. Similarly, lack of accountability within the state institutions is tantamount to factors that provide a hostile conducive environment for corruption to gain traction. Therefore, “Good Governance and Accountability” will be the central tenets and priorities of prime importance in my Government, which will bring forth strengthened institutions with a capacity to fulfill the state obligations effectively and efficiently.

Therefore, to establish public institutions and civil servants who can efficiently fulfill the state obligations:

  • Define and outline the mandates and structures of all government institutions through a set of procedures approved by the Council of
  • Reform the institutional framework of the Civil Service by accelerating the establishment and approval of all legal and regulatory instruments governing the rights and responsibilities of civil servants.
  • Devise a policy that provides direction on how to approach the civil servants’ capacity building and revive the Civil Service Training Institute to ensure continuous capacity building, promote good governance in the public sector, and produce highly qualified technocrats at different levels of the government.

Strategic Benchmarks:

  1. Strengthening the capacity and the efficiency of the public institutions
  2. Reform of Public Civil Servants (Rights and Obligations).
  3. Strengthening and improvement of the capacity, competencies, and skills of public
  4. Promotion of Transparency and Accountability of Public sector institutions.