PM Welcomes Resolution Of Any Political Concerns Through compromise

Muqdisho, September 17, 2018—The Prime Minister, Hassan Ali Khaire, on Monday said that the Federal government leadership welcomes to resolve any political concerns through dialogue, but rejected third party involvement in the process.

“I invite all to the concept of “Isxilqaan” that espouses being part of the solution not part of Somalia’s problems. We are ready & welcome the resolution of any political concerns through compromise recalling that ultimately our citizens deserve a reprieve from zero sum politics”, Prime Minister Khaire stated.

He added, “This Somali leadership is guided by the hopes and aspirations of our people, we all welcome the increased accountability they demand of us. We must exhaust all avenues when resolving our differences, not call upon third parties to translate between Somalis. That era is gone”.

The PM underlined that Somali people hated past culture of allowing third parties to mediate Somali leaders’ political rifts.

The Prime Minister, Hassan Ali Khaire said that SFG leadership can not allow such claims that Mogadishu is unable to host meetings because of security obstacles saying, “What we do not welcome is the insinuation that Mogadishu, the nation’s capital, is not fit to host any Somali due to security concerns; this is not only disingenuous to the millions of Somalis who reside in this city, but a national affront”.

Communications and media department  
Mogadishu, Somalia 
Twitter: @SomaliPM