PRESS RELEASE: Prime Minister Roble Meets Electoral Committee

The Prime Minister of Somalia, H.E. Mohamed Hussein Roble, met with the members of the election committee today to discuss the upcoming national elections and its importance to the country’s progress and development.

The Prime Minister addressed the issues of election transparency, fairness and security with the election committee, which included those representing the majority of the Federal Member States. The Prime Minister reiterated that it had proven difficult to undertake universal suffrage owing to the prevailing political and security situation but that the upcoming election must never the less deliver on the democratic hopes and aspirations of the Somali people.

The Prime Minister reminded the members of the committee of the importance of the upcoming elections on the advancement of inclusive politics, including the 30% women quota, economic development and social solidarity in Somalia.
The Prime Minister urged the election committee to work diligently, independently and with fairness to deliver the elections the Somali leaders agreed on in prior national consultative meetings Chaired by the President H.E. Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo.

“The Election Committee is tasked with delivering free, fair and transparent elections which deliver stability and progress to our people and strengthens our democracy. Fairness and transparency are the key pillars of the Inclusive politics we need,” said Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble. “This election will help to shape the future of Somalia and our great people. The election committee must deliver an election which strengthens our democracy and unites our people.”

Going forward, the Prime Minister stated that the Somalia people and all political stakeholders, including political parties, must work together to deliver an even more inclusive election in 2025