Prime minister’s Message On International Workers’ Day 

Mogadishu, Friday, May 01, 2020—Today, we stop a moment to reflect on the remarkable services Somali workers have rendered to citizens since inception. It is with great pleasure and gratitude that we celebrate and acknowledge the massive role played by workers throughout our Nation’s illustrious history.

As a Government, we draw our strength from selfless servants who have so meticulously served citizens with zeal, dedication, and altruism to make the lives of our people better. We commend the sacrifices of our medics and other frontline staff who have sacrificed all to provide an effective response to the Covid-19 pandemic that the world is grappling with.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Somali medical staff who paid the ultimate price while endeavoring to save the lives of others. They have attained the highest level of honor. We shall never forget them. We acclaim the medics and other staff who stay awake for nights on end to provide emergency responses to any distressed patients.

Somali workers are an integral component as we drive towards the attainment of our National Development Plan and Sustainable Development Goals. Our National aspirations for growth and prosperity will only be attainable through the hard work, commitment, and consistency of our workers as a Nation.

As we commemorate this year’s International Workers’ Day, let me reassure you that my Government is fully cognisant of the challenges confronted by the workers and will pay all necessary attention to ensure that we have addressed them all in a timely and effective manner. As we continue on the path of development, stabilization, and progress, we need to reflect on, evaluate, and review the welfare, terms, and conditions of service, safety, and state of our workers.

The Federal Government, through the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, is committed to restoring the decorum, dignity, and general well-being of all workers. We have promoted social dialogue and institutionalized tripartism to ensure there is social peace, social justice, and respect for labor rights, including the right to freedom of association. We improved the welfare of civil servants and are determined to continue creating decent jobs for all Somalis.

I call upon workers and their federation of trade unions to remain resilient, confident, and attentive as we accelerate our resolve to building the peaceful and prosperous Somalia, we all aspire to attain. Let us end child labor, promote fair and equal treatment, provide equal employment opportunities for all Somalis, including those living with disabilities.

Together, we shall continue to scale the heights of our Great Nation’s aspirations.

I thank you all and wish you a very joyous 2020 workers’ day.


Communications and media department
Mogadishu, Somalia