Somali prime minister bids farewell to Keating

Muqdisho, September 08, 2018—-Somali Prime Minister, Hassan Ali Khaire, on Saturday had a farewell meeting with Michael Keating, the outgoing UN Special Representative of the Secretary General for Somalia.

PM Hassan Ali Khaire expressed appreciations for Keating’s contribution to Somali rebuilding process during his term as United Nations’ Special Representative of the Secretary General for Somalia.

“We know you have a soft spot for Somalia and your understanding of our reform agenda. Particularly the economic reform agenda, your support towards this has made a difference and is appreciated”, says Somali prime minister.

Michael Keating acknowledged PM’s commitment for transforming Somalia and commendable national agenda embracing financial reform, inclusive politics, conflict resolution and reform of the security sector.

“Somalia and Somalis are very lucky to have you as their PM, your compassion, your acumen; you are energetic and seriously committed.  I am lucky to have found you as Prime Minister during my time as the SRSG and to have worked with you”, said Michael Keating.

He added, “I know this residence very well. I used to come here three times a week at least in 2016. And I literally don’t recognize it today.  The physical renovations made by your administration is symbolic of a different approach, different leadership. The change in pace and the clarity in agenda is very visible, tangible. And I credit you personally for this”.

Michael Keating served as UN Special Representative of the Secretary General for Somalia 2016-2018.


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Muqdisho, Soomaaliya 
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