The weekly cabinet meeting today discused about the election, security, law, civil service, and other matters.

MOGAIDSHU — in a normal of weekly Cabinet meeting today, which cheared by the Prime Minister of Federal Governmant H.E Hassan Ali Khaire was discussed about the election, security, civil service law and other matters.

First of all, the cabinet has received a statement from the Security Minister, saying that the security and stabilization efforts will be well and will be accelerated and he urged that the public to take a major role in ensuring the security and stability of the country.

The Defense Minister reported that al-Shabaab terrorists ambushed a convey of army in Balidoogle area, but the army take into a defencive position and they are scattered. The Ministry of Defense presented the report to the House of Commons on the assessment of military readiness. A 25-member committee has developed this study in the regions of the country including experts from the United Nations and the international community.

The study was assessed by the military, the barriers, the training they had and their preparation. The study suggests that there is a SNA military vehicle that has been used by private individuals and others, in contravention of the legal system, and the Cabinet of Ministers has largely voted for all military vehicles should be returned and and anyone who will not return will face procesition.

The Minister of Interior briefed the Election Observation Mission in 2020 that said a committee of experts was conducting a period of study comparing international and Somali elections including Somaliland. After a long study, there is still an extensive consultation on the choice of elections, with one-sided and single-party elections scheduled for 2020. Representatives of the electoral constituencies include all stakeholders in the participating parties, an open election that represents the constituencies in the representatives, or a party to the election, and then selecting members of parliament. The minister said a large consultation process will be made before determining the type of representation.

The Interior Minister also reported on the acceleration of the agreement between Galmudug and Ahlu Sunna, and said that he had links to the former minister Abdisamad Maalim Mohamud, and the ministry is undergoing a plan to enforce this important historical agreement.

Minister of Labor was also reported to the Cabinet of Ministers that the Civil Service Legislation is being scheduled Next week to debate and approval.

The Minister of Women and Human Rights gave the Council a report on the establishment of the Commission on Human Rights, which comprised of 19 members from all regions of 600, when selected from 74 exempted from examinations followed by a 45-minute interview, that was scheduled to debated in the next week by the cabinet.

The End