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Minister of Health briefs the nation on the latest COVID-19 situation

Mogadishu, Saturday, April 11, 2020โ€”The Minister of Health and Social Care of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Fowsiya Abikar Nur, this evening (11 April 2020) briefed the nation on the latest COVID-19 epidemic and the preventive measures the Federal government is taking to contain the spread of the disease.

While noting that the health situation of a number of patients tested positive for the virus and quarantined in their homes, was progressing, Minister Abikar, however, said two Coronavirus patients receiving medical attention at the De-Martini Health Facility are in a critical state and as a result would need further medical care to save their lives.

The minister cautioned that the disease was gradually spreading within the population, with individuals without recent travel history and who have not come into contact with some of the confirmed cases, contracting the virus, signaling the gradual spread of the disease.

She stressed the importance to observe health guidelines, which include staying at home, observing social distance by keeping a distance of at least two meters from others, maintaining hand hygiene and avoiding handshakes.

The minister further encouraged the public to particularly provide special care for the elderly and persons with underlying health conditions.

Meanwhile, she reiterated a call to people with COVID-19 symptoms to swiftly dial the hotline 449 in order to receive health guidelines or to be assisted.

The Federal government is committed to containing the spread of the Coronavirus infection in the country and would continue with its efforts to enforce preventive measures to stop the spread of the disease. It calls upon members of the public to work with the government by complying with the health directives aimed at protecting the safety of the public.


Communications and media department
Mogadishu, Somalia