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Somalia’s foreign policy is built upon national independence and sovereignty protection. Somalia’s relations with other countries will be based on safeguarding the Somali people’s national interest, preservation, and unity. The Government will strengthen Somalia’s role in international and regional arenas, including the United Nations, the Arab League, the African Union, IGAD, OIC, etc. Furthermore, we will focus on fostering trade, investment, and developmental relations between Somalia and its neighboring countries and its regional and global counterparts. In addition, cooperation with our partners will be strengthened in the areas of security, migration, and investment.

The Government will promote a foreign policy founded upon adherence to international conventions Somalia is part of and the principles of good-neighborliness, nonintervention, and coexistence while ensuring national sovereignty and territorial integrity and prioritizing the national interest and the unity of the Somali people. Such relations will be balanced and mutually beneficial to Somalia and its international partners.

Moreover, relations with the Somali diaspora around the globe will be strengthened by utilizing their political and economic access and lobbying power which will pave the way for constructive relations between Somalia and their respective host nations. Similarly, we will prioritize ensuring the well-being and safety of Somali migrants and displaced people stranded in different parts of the world.

Strategic Benchmarks:

  1. Fostering a balanced foreign policy based on the national interest
  2. Strengthening international relations and cooperation
  3. Fostering ties with the Somali diaspora