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PM Khaire: I commend the battlefield victory attained by our gallant soldiers in their operation to rid the town and surrounding areas of the terrorist influence

Mogadishu, Sunday, March 16, 2020— The Somali National Army (SNA) has today liberated Jannaale town, about 95 kilometers South-West of Mogadishu from Al Shabaab terrorist group. Janaale is approximately 14 kilometers off the Coastal city and Regional Capital of Marka.

Expressing triumph at the latest victory of the SNA, Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire said, “The Somali people have now begun reaping the fruits of our efforts to reform our uniformed personnel”. The Prime Minister congratulated the rank and file of the army on liberating this key population center and a critical hub that was key to the operations of the terrorist group.

“I commend the battlefield victory attained by our gallant soldiers in their operation to rid the town and surrounding areas of the terrorist influence. Thank you for fulfilling your duty to safeguard the lives and properties of the Somali people”, continued the Somali PM.

The latest operations are in line with the Somali Transition Plan meant to hand over security responsibilities to the Somali National Security Forces as the AMISOM peacekeeping troops continue to transit out of the country. The Somali National Armed Forces, together with other Federal and Regional forces are effectively holding areas previously liberated within the same region.

These successful SNA-led operations were made possible by comprehensive cross-sectoral reforms, including the Somali Security Sector Reform, spearheaded by Prime Minister Khaire. The reforms, which sought homegrown solutions to inherent security challenges, are capacitating, enabling and transforming SNAF into a contemporary armed force capable of defeating the terrorists and holding liberated areas.

“Somali National Armed Forces Reform has progressively improved the capability of our forces, boosted their morale and restored the pride and integrity of our Nation. Operation Badbaado will be sustained until our forces defeat the extremists, expand the governance space and all basic services are decentralized to all Somalis in Somalia,” stated the Somali PM.

Operation Badbaado is unlike all other previous operations; a Somali-led, it seeks to liberate areas, hold those areas, provide stability and extend basic services to citizens who suffered so many years of brutal rule at the hands of extremist groups.

“Once an area is liberated by the SNA, Somali Police Force will gradually take over the mandate to keep law and order. This will be followed by the establishment of local administrations and the arrival of government and international actors to partner in the stabilization and provision of basic services to these areas”, PM Khaire further explained.

Operations Badbaado has considerably contributed to the overall reduction of major incidents of insecurity in the capital Mogadishu. The Government will continue training, integrating and empowering SNAF to ensure they are fully able to assume their mandate to secure Somalia for citizens to enjoy lasting peace and prosperity.


Communications and media department
Mogadishu, Somalia